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Ãrps Collection Launch

Before the mad rush start of London Fashion Week, i got to visit the collection launch of Ãrps London at Hyde in Kensington. Located right next to Hyde Park, it couldn’t be in a more luxury and trendy place, mainly being underground, the vibes of the place were so sick and definitely had a rock, urban aesthetic to the entire place.

As soon as a group of us walked into the bar, there were photographers everywhere and huge Ãrps backdrops. I couldn’t place my finger on what they were going for with the decor of the place but all of it worked, tables were made from roulette table designs, there were X-ray scans of star wars characters on the wall and with the launch party going on, spray painted designs all over the places- it was so different but worked so well and created a sick atmosphere.

The design of Ãrps is extremely urban, over sized jumpers and t-shirts, hand painted designs and simplistic tee’s. Hyde London was the perfect place to showcase these designs.



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