Alcoholic Architecture 

Few months back I was deciding what I wanted to do for birthday, when I was young, there was always a party without fail with every single person i possible knew at the time. As I grown older the need for a big party celebration with 100 people has crashed and now I couldn’t think of anything better than a few of my closest friends doing something small and something we would all remember.

Last year I was so unbothered by my birthday, 19 was such a pointless age to me so I really was not fussed about what i did. It ended up extremely last minute that I decided to text a few of my friends to see if they wanted to go for a meal somewhere local, we needed up going to my favourite local Indian restaurant in our pj’s…

This year was like the others, completely unbothered, until sitting having a few drinks with my friends Becky and Callum a couple weeks before my birthday weekend, where we had come up with the idea of doing something fun in London for the night. After a bit of digging around we found this really cool, very limited bar experiment called Alcoholic Archtitecture, a gin and tonic bar where the alcohol is vapourised into the air which you stand in- obviously I was all over that and so excited for it.

So we booked tickets for it and ended up going on a Saturday night, I had no idea what to expect but I was so excited for doing something completely new that hardly anyone has ever done. When I got there it was unlike anything I thought it would be, completely underground they go us to line up outside while the host was dressed in Harry Potter type robes telling us the rules of the bar. Vapourised gin and tonic while being served absinthe cocktails, pretty much sums it up.

It was an experience like no other, not being able to see 2 feet in front of you because of the vapour while having a laugh with friends with a few cocktails, I would highly recommend it to anyone the next time they open it and I can’t wait to see what they do next.

Ps. Don’t bother licking the vapour off the walls like Becky, it doesn’t taste like gin and tonic.. 


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