Food Favs #2 – Smiths

I was recently in London for a family birthday meal, it was a big one so we decided to go somewhere a little nicer, Smiths, Wapping.

The location was amazing, it sit just down the river Thames, right next to the London Bridge and the shard. It got dark pretty quickly as it’s winter so we didn’t really see what it would have been like during the day but at night the views were breathtaking. There’s quite a big viewing area just outside of the glass windows that they don’t usually let you go out on as you have to go through the fire doors, but after some flicking eye lashes they let us go out there and seeing it at night with all the light was unreal.

The service was amazing there, as soon as we got through the door our coats were taken and hung up for us and we were escorted to the sitting bar while a man played piano which I am obsessed with- This was quickly followed by many glasses of wine and cocktails.

For starters I chose to have a king prawn and avocado salad and it came out looking amazing which turned out to be one of the best starters I think I’ve ever had. 

For mains I had pretty much heaven on a plate, chicken wrapped in bacon and mozzarella with the nicest colliflower cheese and veg dish I have also ever had in my life. Everything was just working for that meal, along with the nicest glass of Savigion Blanc, I was living in that moment.

To top everything off I had a creme brûlée for desert, which again was just unreal like the rest of the meal. I would highly recommend Smiths and I can’t wait to go back there again whenever I can. It was a bit pricey, dishes were around £80 each but it was so worth it for an experience like that, I would suggest going if your really celebrating something.


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