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London sights

Meetings are pretty shitty, but when they’re done like 30 stories up in the London sky garden, they’re actually pretty decent. I recently went there and decided to go early before my meeting so that I could have a proper look around, it’s free but you just had to book a ticket which was nice- Getting there was so easy and security to get up felt like you were going through an airport.

I loved the different levels that were all in the one room, you walk into the ‘ground floor’ which is mostly tables and chairs with a small cafe area, when I say Cafe I mean like the nicest cafe with pasteries and champagne. This is where you can go out onto the balcony and see the whole of London looking directly into the shard, the views are amazing.

Just above this is what I would say the ‘middle ground’ covered in jungle plants, walking through it is so unreal being that high up and feeling like your walking through another country almost. Just around the corner from here is another cafe type stall, more sandwiches and bigger meals than you can from the level below.

The top level, the main restaurant, looks like a giant cube in the middle of the entire floors, it looks crazy and the menu looked insane, unfortunately I wasn’t able to go in there but hopefully I will be able to try it out eventually.

It’s something free to do in London, something different and very cool. I know they do a lot of things on Fridays and Saturday nights which looks amazing to go to which I definitely want to try out. For sure a must go!


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