Simple Pick-ups

Over the winter I haven’t brought as much clothing as I thought I would do when winter started to come out which I’m pretty proud about seeing as usually I’m swimming in unworn winter clothes by this point. I’ve done a bit of online shopping over the past few weeks just to keep up with what’s being put on the major online sites like but apart from that, I haven’t even been out shopping either.

Seeing as I brought a few more expensive items before winter began, this season I’ve really focused on buying some essential clothing and simple pick ups that I’ve noticed if I’m out or online browsing. Boohoo man had a sale a good few weeks back, a crazy sale where a lot of their tshirts were something silly like £4, obviously I was straight on it when I saw it and managed to stock up my black n white collection but also picked up some novelty tee’s like the ‘views.’ Tshirt featured.

Ripped jeans have been a favourite of mine for picking up, they come in all different styles so one minute i love the majorly ripped jeans and the next just a knee slit but you can pair then with anything and I love that they suit just chilled out vibes when you have a tshirt n bomber over the top of them.

I’ve got some real spring inspiration this winter, it’s been good for clothes this season but I can’t wait to not have to think about it being cold enough for gloves and scarves, I can’t wait for it to be jeans, tshirt and maybe just a light jacket as it starts to get warmer. Summer 2017 will definitely be a year that I start to be a lot more dressed down, casual and summery in my clothing options.


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