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Lamb Feeding – Church Farm

If anyone really knows me, they will be able to tell you that Sheep, Lambs and Goats are by far my favourite animals, totally weird I know, so when my mother turned round and told me that she got my sister and I tickets to feed the Lambs at the local farm, my heart literally stopped.

We went to Church Farm in Ardeley, just above Buntingford. I’m pretty sure the whole place to look around is free, of course, there are parts of the farm that are ticketed but even for a quick free day out, it’s such a cool place to visit. Apart from Lamb feeding, there are so much more things that you can do there like, Hen egg collecting and it even has its own camp site for you to stay at.

Feeding the Lambs was only like £10 and it lasted about 45 minutes altogether, it was such a cool experience getting to bottle feed them and see them all in the fields playing. After everyone had been fed, the keeper let us go into their pen when they were just roaming around sit with them- I laugh at how much I was enjoying myself when I was sitting in the middle of a pen with like 20 baby Lambs running around me.

Anyone with kids or even grown people, I highly recommend going or find somewhere close to you that does Lamb feeding because it was amazing and I WILL be doing that again.. hahha..


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