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London Cocktail Club

I’ve checked out London Cocktail Club in Soho a few times now and it really does not disappoint! The first time I went was with a good friend of mine I hadn’t seen in ages since she moved to London, I was excited to see what all the hype was about as I’ve heard about it before. We went during happy hour and I’m so glad we did because the prices are pretty up there but its definitely worth it.img_1464

Funny enough, the cocktails are the best bit about the place, even though the prices can be pretty steep, your paying for an experience for sure. While they do the normal, classic cocktails, you have some named like “Kiss Me Quick” and an entire section of sharing “Gang Banger” cocktails like “Cheeky Nandos” so you’re definitely getting something unique. The first time I went I was pretty new to this whole cocktail world and was only familiar with the bog standard mojitos and margaritas so I just let my friend order all the cocktails for me- I don’t know what she picked but I had cocktails coming out with the tiny umbrella’s, full on sunglasses and chocolate biscuits in them.

The second time I went was for her birthday a good few months later, it was such a different atmosphere compared to the first time I went; louder music, more people and a lot more drinks… We had a table booked before hand as it was for a large party of people and for a birthday, as it’s a pretty small underground place I STRONGLY suggest you book before hand if there’s more than 2 of you or if you’re going for an occasion to avoid disappointment as it got crowded pretty quick.

The staff there are so friendly, I had many chats with some of the waiters when they brought over food and bartenders were such a laugh when you’re waiting for your drinks. When it gets pretty late that’s when things got a lot cooler; lamp shades swinging around and bartenders breathing fire behind the bar. I highly recommend going there to anyone who wants a fun cocktail night out!

ps. If that wasn’t enough, when food stops, you can use deliveroo to get your own food…

Check out my INSTAGRAM to see them breathe fire behind the bar!



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