Spring Cleaning

Every spring/summer is different for me every year, I have no idea why I just have a different mentality when the weather starts to heat up again. I consider myself such a lover of Winter and the cold weather, there’s nothing better than wrapping up in jeans, hoodies, boots and scarfs… plus if you look rough you can always shove a load of layers on and blame it on the cold.

I always notice a different from the first day it’s sunny, if I’m out on that day, there will be crowds of people everywhere, people in the parks, all the pubs become filled and spill onto the pavements and the smell of BBQ’s everywhere – this is the stuff I love!

Don’t get me wrong, nothing is better than being wrapped up, knowing it’s pouring down with rain outside and just whacking on a film but you just cannot beat that feeling of waking up and getting out of bed straight away because you know it’s sunny and hot outside, being able to chill out in the pubs with friends and have such a laugh until your being told to leave.

Unlike most years recently, this year I have a few travelling opportunities coming up in the next few months and holidays over the summer, I’m looking forward to being able to experience new places, countries and just simply have some real good times with people.  I want to be able to go into Winter 2017 knowing that I’ve done everything I could in the summer and come away just as excited for Summer 2018, I’m excited to see how the year plays out and where it takes me.



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