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Food Favs #3 – Wildwood

One of my favourite restaurants at the moment has to be WildWood in Epping high street, it’s like a mix between Italian and grill and has some of my all-time favourite dishes on the menu. I’ve been there a good few times now, all pretty casual and it’s been such a nice place to grab some food mostly for a quick lunch while I’ve been out on the weekends.

The prices and interior decor really complement each other very well, from what everything looks like and the service you get at the table, you’d think you were paying a lot more than you actually are. I haven’t had anything to complain about since I’ve been going there, service has always been great and next time I’m travelling I’ll have to check out another wildwood in a different location as they have them scattered in London and one in Cambridge.

I highly recommend Wildwood for any occasion, even on the weekday you can save some money on the website where you can get offers like 50% off and 2-4-1!!



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