Food Fav #4 – Sea Food Fridays

Seafood and I have a very love/hate relationship… There was a time when I would be having everything seafood, I was completely obsessed! Ever since then, I’ve had a real drought in getting any kind of seafood well tbh even when I did, most of the time I would get the same thing over and over (King prawns in some kind of sauce)!?

I used to be OBSESSED with the Cafe Rogue King prawns in a sweet chilli sauce and I used to order like 5 loaves of bread to dip in the lake of juice that came along with it! I remember going and having it randomly for lunch, I used to order some literally every time I was there for drinks, I went full crazy on it!

Recently I’ve been heading down to this new restaurant SeaTree which is right near me, it’s been open a while but only just remembered it was around the corner from me a couple months ago and finally was able to go in there- it’s kind of like a cross between your typical fish and chips shop but then the dishes that you can eat in and take away are like A class restaurant style, it’s a weird mix, never seen it been done before and I’m totally on board!


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