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Travel Diaries – M by Montcalm

I have literally just walked through my door at home from staying in London this weekend, somewhere a little different and out of my comfort zone. When it comes to hotels, I do like certain hotels and I’m very picky when it comes to them – I’m usually pretty boring and stay in the same hotel every time, my trusty Intercontinental at the o2 as I’ve gotten used to paying for that standard that I like, so when I stay at a new hotel; I hate not knowing what I’m paying for, if everything is going to be working, room standards, how does everything compare to the photos etc…

So I stayed in M by Montcalm in Shoreditch, I’ve been looking at this hotel for a very long time but I never chose to stay there due to the reasons above, but after a spare of the moment decision, it was booked and I was excited and nervous haha!! Situated in Shoreditch, I knew the area pretty well and it was thankfully super easy to get to and literally 5 minutes from the underground. The building does look like something out of Inception when you’re walking up to it and it gave me a headache trying to figure out what I was looking at for a second haha!

The staff were really friendly, when I first went up to my room, there were a few complications with the technology in the room – from what I saw, the whole hotel was heavily technology based, everything was on tablets, the rooms were controlled with separate mini tablets and you even get your own phone to travel around London with if your new to the area which I thought was pretty cool for new tourists. After everything was sorted at the beginning, nothing went wrong from there and I was very pleasantly surprised with the room.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to eat there as I already had a reservation around the corner from the hotel, but after looking through the menu, the food sounded amazing and that’s something I definitely want to go back and try the food out.

The best part of my stay there was the Versace spa and pool they had – this pool was literally unreal and I spent the majority of my time swimming and relaxing in the hot tub. The pool wasn’t as big as I thought it was going to be and for the size of the hotel but it wasn’t bad, it was like I saw it and thought oh no this is way too small. The pool and hot tub are in one room, a couple of loungers (which was a downside as there was only like 4 loungers) which was accompanied by a “chillax” room which was bloody cold after getting out the hot tub, that just had a few more lounge chairs in it. The decoration of this room was exquisite and the overall feel of the pool was very relaxing.

Next door to the pool was some showers, the steam room and sauna – I can only usually stay in a steam room for a couple of minutes because sometimes their way too hot and you just can’t breathe in them, these ones were at the perfect temperature and it was so nice thinking I can relax longer than a minute and not think about choking on steam.

Overall I had such a relaxing stay at M by Montcalm, I will for sure be recommending it to my friends for a night in London or a peaceful spa night.


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